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The Beginnings of a Workbench

September 1, 2010

I have recently purchased a boat load of tools from Lie-Nielsen. The only problem now is that I really do not have a good place to work. So I decided to attempt to make a bench for myself. Most of this design is taken from the recommendations of Chris Schwarz via his blogs over at Popular Woodworking. I was lucky enough to test the bench that he created for the cover of the August issue early this summer at the Lie-Nielsen tool show in Cincinnati. The bench was everything that Chris claimed it to be – rock solid and the overall dimensions were comfortable to use. I am building my bench out of Southern Yellow Pine that I purchased from Home Depot. I bought seven 2x12x12’s and chopped them in half then ripped the outside edges square and parallel. Once this was complete I ripped the boards once down the center. Although I did use a circular saw and contractors table saw to prepare the lumber up to this point, I do not own a jointer or power planer, so the rest of the work will be completed by hand. As you can see I have my work cut out for me! Also you can see in the photos that right now I am using an old sideboard as my workbench. It is solid and does not move while planing (the bottom is loaded with “stuff”) but it is a bit too high and not very flat. I have also claimed an un-full bookshelf that has seen better days for a sharpening station.


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