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Twisted Sister

September 3, 2010

Today I made some time to work on the bench again. I grabbed the next board off the pile and tossed on my make-shift work bench. I was surprised to see a pretty nasty bow and twist in this board. The lumber was surprisingly very dry when I purchased it at Home Depot, but apparently there was a lot of tension released when I ripped it in half. In the center of the 6′ length it stood almost a full 1/4″ off the table. This is the perfect example of when having a scrub plane is a must if you are going to do all of your jointing and planing by hand. Granted it did still take some time to get this board flat and parallel, but if I had only had a jack plane I would still be working on this board. In the pictures below you can see the ridiculously thick shaving that you can take with a scrub plane. Also you can see just how much stock I had to take off when making the second side parallel. (see the knife line highlighted with pencil.) I did have some nasty tear out with the scrub plane but I was able to remove most of it with the jack plane. And besides, the faces are being glued together so no one will ever know the difference!

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