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Glue iz Gud

September 8, 2010

I work second shift. So today I rolled out of bed and decided I would try to get a little bit of work done on the bench before work. As some of you may have realized I am gluing up the top one board at a time – and for a couple of reasons. Normally when working with power tools, or even with hand tools on a smaller project, all of the lumber would be milled flat all at approximately the same time and very soon there after all of the glue-ups would take place. However because I am hand planing all of the surfaces and because I struggle to find more than a couple hours at a time in the shop, the first few boards would be twisted and bowed by the time I finished flattening and squaring the last boards. As you can see in one of the attached photos a board that was dead flat just a week ago now has a fairly good bow in it that required a tad bit of adjustment before gluing it in place. What is amazing about this is that the wood was fairly dry already (less than 10%) and it is being stored inside in the air conditioning. I assume that this is likely movement that on a normal piece would never be noticed. But because these boards are just over 6′ long and 5″ wide even very subtle wood movement is exaggerated. Another reason that I decided to glue one board at a time is due to my lack of clamps that are longer than 18″. If each board is fit specifically to the board right next to it, very little clamping pressure is required. Not to mention that since I am going so slow it is nice to be able to see the progress to keep me motivated.

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