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A Day on the Edge

September 15, 2010

This morning before work I spent some time getting my work area and tools set back in order. I started off just getting all of the shavings off of the workbench and floor. Then I took apart my scrub, jack and jointer planes to clean out all of the shavings and dust. I then broke out the Renaissance Wax and applied a fresh coat to all the cast iron surfaces. Then I soaked the 8000 grit water stone and polished up the blades. Just 10-20 passes per blade and they were once again sharp enough to shave with.

I had a bit of time left before work, but not enough to bother with planing down and gluing another board. So instead I decided to go ahead and sharpen up my new 1/2″ Lie-Nielsen mortise chisel. I am going to need it soon to attach the legs once they are made. The great thing about Lie-Nielsen products is that they show up at the door flat, square and nearly ready to use. Now a mortise chisel does not need to be prepared to nearly the same degree as a paring chisel, but I still took this chisel through the paces starting with the 1200 water stone and finishing it off with the 8000. I chose to NOT put a micro bevel on the mortise chisel.

So I did not get any additional work done on the bench. At least I am set up for the next round!

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