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Woodworking In America

October 1, 2010

Well I just got back home from attending the Woodworking in America conference sponsored by Popular Woodworking. Even though I did not have the money to sign up for any of the classes this year, I still went just to see the market place. I was completely blown away!! I saw nearly all of my favorite woodworking bloggers: The Wood Whisperer, The Village Carpenter, Rough Cut host Tommy MacDonald, and just about the entire Popular Woodworking crew. About the only person I did not get a chance to talk to or catch a glimpse of was The Renaissance Woodworker. All well, maybe next year!

Not to mention I was able to spend some serious time actually testing out some of my favorite tools. I was able to talk to Deneb from Lie-Nielsen about fixing the scar on the sole of my jack plane that I recently blogged about and he was also able to give me some ideas for how to prevent rust when storing my tools. This is the third time I have been able to talk directly to the folks at Lie-Nielsen and they never disappoint!

I was also able to finally use some Veritas tools. While there is no doubt they make really nice stuff that anyone should be happy to own, I was relieved to find out that I did not think they worked any better than my Lie-Nielsen tools that I just spent a lot of money on! I also found that I do not care for the tote shape on the Veritas planes.

I went to the show without much money to spend, but I did manage to finally pick up a marking knife from Czeck Edge tools and I also finally dropped the bucks to get a nice marking wheel from the Lie-Nielsen booth. When looking over the stuff at Czeck Edge I even manages to cut thumb open without noticing – so I guess it was sharp!!

I meant to take several pictures but there was just too much going on! Below is a quick photo I did snap of a Morris chair at the Barnard Woodworking School booth that I really want to build one of these days soon! Dale Barnard was a really easy to get along with guy that really knows his stuff. His school is relatively close by and I hope I can take a class there one of these days.

What a good time! I hope I have the money to go again next year and this time take some of the classes too!

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