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Frame Day 4

February 16, 2011

I was able to sneak in a bit of shop time this morning before work. I broke out the toothed blade for my Lie-Nielsen bevel up jack plane to try and tackle some of the deeper tear out on this curly white oak. WOW did it ever work!! As advertised, I was able to take fairly thick passes with the toothed blade and follow up with very light passes of a standard blade and the tear out disappeared. I am extremely impressed. I also managed to get almost all of the edges and corners rounded and smoothed. Just a touch more work and I will finally be ready for glue up.

I also set up a small fuming tent so that I can test finishing the oak. I have never tried to fume oak with ammonia before so it should be interesting. I put a small cut off in a large freezer bag with a bit of house hold strength ammonia to sit over night. So far it looks like it is working. One important note: as with glue ups, give your ammonia tent a “dry” run before adding the ammonia. I realized quickly how easy it could have been to spill it directly on the wood if I were not careful.

I hope to have a follow up fuming post tomorrow. Time for work!

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