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Frame Day 7

February 20, 2011

Today I finished up the last bit of sanding and made a fuming tent for the frame out of a garbage bag. I put the frame inside the bag on painter’s pyramids and then put a couple pieces of a cardboard box that I had cut down on the sides to keep the bag up off of the frame. I then put a little bit of ammonia in plastic disposable cups that I had cut short inside the bag then sealed it up with box tape.

While the frame was soaking I applied some shellac to the test fumed pieces I made the day before. I noticed that for some reason the ray flecks of the oak on the piece that had fumed for 24 hrs had darkened considerably. I do not know if this was a result of “over soaking” the wood, or if there is a chemical in the ammonia that I purchased from the cleaning supply section of the store that caused this. Although this was not the exact look I was hoping for, it did not look bad so I choose to proceed but to instead open the tent after just 10 hrs.

The frame looks nice and ugly right now but hopefully it will perk up after I start applying shellac tomorrow! You can see how much it turned compared to the fresh pieces in the center. Also notice how little the sap wood changed.

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